Wilmington bar owner banking on Bitcoin

duckdivepub10 Feb 2014 / Star News Online – The idea behind Bitcoin might be difficult to grasp, but just because you cannot touch the virtual currency doesn’t mean it will not pay for your beer.

While people have been buying and selling Bitcoins for four or five years, a local Wilmington business is now getting in on the peer-to-peer, unregulated currency.

“I figured it was an absolute no-brainer,” said Todd Barber, who co-owns the Duck & Dive Pub on Dock Street in downtown Wilmington.

Barber, who also owns a stock broker firm, said Bitcoin seemed like a good investment since larger companies – including TigerDirect and Overstock.com – have jumped on the wagon.

The bar started accepting Bitcoin in January after Barber learned about it from members of a local Bitcoin enthusiast group that meets weekly at the bar.

The quick decision to accept the money was followed by even quicker work to ensure the bar could make it a reality….. Read more


Photo By Mike Spencer

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