Where To Take A Course On Bitcoin In The US

bitcoincollegelecture05 Sept 2014 / Bidness ETC – Two of the top-ranked colleges in the US, Duke University and New York University (NYU), have started offering courses on bitcoins (BTC) from this fall onward. NYU had the first class of its bitcoin-based course this week, named “The Law and Business of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies”, which is being taught by Professor Geoffrey Miller.

The lecture of the opening class, attended by 35 students, was on the fundamentals of money. A total of 14 sessions on this course will be offered this semester. Miller, a faculty member of NYU law, teaches this course alongside a faculty member of NYU business school, Professor David Yermack.

Yermack asserts that the course is not offered with the intention of just delivering knowledge to students regarding the dynamics of virtual currencies. Instead, the course aims to develop an understanding among students as to how the growing penetration of these currencies will transform issues pertaining to property, contracts and finance and how it will cause people to challenge long-held assumptions.

Miller and Yermack will be accompanied by a faculty member of finance at Duke University, Professor Campbell Harvey, who intends to teach a course on virtual currencies next spring. The course, which Harvey is currently preparing, is titled “Innovation, Disruption and Cryptoventures,” and is based on block chains and prospects of businesses that use them….. Read more


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