What’s In Your Virtual Wallet? Durham Bakery Accepts ‘Bitcoin’

durnhambakery24 Mar 2014 / WUNC.org – If you have never heard of a “Bitcoin,” you are not alone.  Even though the digital currency continues to get a lot of attention around the world, it’s been slow to catch on in most pockets of the US, including North Carolina.

But that may be about to change in the Triangle.

There is one brick and mortar business in the Triangle that accepts Bitcoin., and that’s Rise Biscuits and Donuts in Durham.

“Folks I’ve got some hot, some donut holes up here.  Help yourselves while you’re waiting,” yells Rise Assistant Manager Darryl Fuller on an especially busy Sunday morning.

To be honest, the line isn’t wrapped around the room and out the door with people trying to use their Bitcoins.  It’s the biscuits, pigs in a blanket, hash cakes and fresh donuts.

Dave Piercey just placed his order.  He and friends stopped at Rise to sort of, celebrate.

“I’m actually moving to New York today.  So this is my last meal in North Carolina before I leave,” said Piercey. He bought a chicken biscuit, with American cheese, one hash cake and one crème brule. His order came to $9.41.

But like many people who’ve been hearing bits and pieces about Bitcoin in the news, Piercey is skeptical about the digital currency….. Read more


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