What can bitcoin buy in N.H.? Gas, lunch and legal services, for starters

whatcanyoubuybtc13 Jan 2014 / Concord Monitor – Several weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal carried news of a couple who tried to live off bitcoin, a digital currency in its infancy, for 101 days across three continents. The duo may have struggled less had they confined their experiment to New Hampshire.

Here, bitcoin will buy you gas in Twin Mountain, lunch at a Newmarket cafe, martial arts lessons in Derry and a night’s stay in Fitzwilliam. You can use bitcoin to buy hay, computer services or a chain saw through New Hampshire’s Craigslist site. You can contribute to the election campaign of Rep. Mark Warden, a Manchester Republican who is reportedly the first sitting elected official in the country to take donations by bitcoin.

One of the first bitcoin ATMs was created in Manchester. And as of this month, clients of Martin and Hipple law offices in Concord can pay their legal bills in bitcoin.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the last year if I accepted it,” said Seth Hipple, one of the firm’s partners. “I had only a rudimentary understanding, so I said no. Then I did more research. Currency needs to be liquid, and bitcoitn is very easy to spend.”

What’s harder is explaining how bitcoin works – even with the help of several online primers, including one titled “Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five.”

Bitcoin is a virtual currency introduced in 2009 that changes hands digitally, directly between a buyer’s online “wallet” and a seller’s online “wallet.” To that extent, it sounds like PayPal, but there are significant differences. Bitcoin isn’t insured or passed through a bank….. Read more


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