‘Voluntarily Homeless’ Man Lives Off Bitcoin, Android Tablet and a Solar Charger

homelessmanspain30 Dec 2013 / CoinDesk – A nomadic man in Spain is living off bitcoin, an Android tablet and a solar charger. The man, who wanted to be known only by his first name, Justas, is documenting his eighth year of homelessness, which he stresses is a deliberate choice, on reddit, YouTube and at his website.

When contacted by CoinDesk, 27-year-old Justas said bitcoin has overcome a major obstacle to his nomadic way of life: the ability to open a bank account.

Banks are a pain in the ass for a homeless person, so I immediately embraced bitcoin!

The two most common ways of obtaining bitcoin are to trade it for fiat currency through an exchange, or to mine it with increasingly powerful computers. Both these methods present problems for someone without a permanent address.

When asked how he had obtained his bitcoin, Justas said he was paid in the cryptocurrency for freelance work as a programmer and designer.

Justas said his technology requirements are fulfilled by a Toshiba laptop and bq Curie tablet, which runs Android Jelly Bean.

He keeps his devices powered up with a portable solar charger. He said he bought his tablet with bitcoin and pays for his website’s hosting and domain registration services with the digital currency as well…… Read more


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