Venture capitalist guru eyes bitcoin boon

robocoinatm11 June 2014 / CNBC – The man credited with kickstarting some of the web’s most successful startups has told CNBC that he is growing increasingly excited by the financial services sector, paying particular attention to the future of virtual currency bitcoin.

Saul Klein played a key role in starting up Lovefilm International, which has been dubbed the “Netflix of Europe”, becoming the company’s original CEO before it was acquired by Amazon in 2011 for a reported $317 million. He’s also held a position at Skype, acquired by eBay, and was co-founder at startups Kano and Seedcamp.

But now, Klein told CNBC, he is being increasingly drawn to the world of virtual currencies and the potential they have for disrupting the mainstream with the advent of the smartphone.

“It’s very, very transformational,” he said of bitcoin – the virtual currency which has already received attention from central banks, policymakers and regulators from around the globe.

“Bitcoin has its own ecosystem…(and) is light years ahead of the other (payment) networks.”….. Read more

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