Tor accepts donations in Bitcoin

tordonations18 Dec 2013 / PC PRO – The developers behind the Tor project have started taking donations in Bitcoin.

The privacy project has partnered with Bitpay, a Bitcoin payment network also used by WordPress, to accept the currency. It will convert any Bitcoin donations into US dollars and already accepts money via PayPal, Dwolla, Amazon Payments and Givv, as well as cheques and transfers.

The update comes after the Tor project reported a doubling in sign-ups after revelations of government spying from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

It also comes amid regulatory confusion in the US over Bitcoin – something the Tor project appears to have taken into account.

“Our decision to accept Bitcoins has been well thought out and researched from a financial accounting perspective with an eye on passing our required annual A-133 audit,” project developer phobos wrote.

“We believe we are the first US 501(c)3 non-profit organisation to test acceptance of Bitcoins and attempt to pass the US Government A-133 Audit Standard.”….. Read more

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