The First Bitcoin Tattoo Paid With Bitcoin?

beertenantbitcointat18 Jan 2014 – – This could possibly be the first bitcoin tattoo that was paid with bitcoin. I frequently engage in bitcoin talk on Instagram. While exploring bitcoin posts, I came across a post by beertenant. His post reads “I am the first person in the world to pay for a tattoo with bitcoin?” I can answer that, it’s no…. BUT is he the first person to get a tattoo of the bitcoin logo paid with bitcoin? The answer could possibly be yes.

Beertenant says he got the tattoo at Anonymous Tattoo in Savannah, Georgia. After, checking out their website, they have some talented tattoo artists with a wise owner that has decided to accept bitcoin.

We’ve seen the adoption of bitcoin as a payment method become more and more popular in the last few months. It’s a no brainer for merchants. They can save 2% to 3% on fees and eliminate the threat of charge backs. They can pass those savings onto customers or they can increase their profits.


Is it safe to say bitcoin has hit the mainstream, when you see people supporting a bitcoin logo tat? Whatever the answer is bitcoin has arrived in 2014 and the adoption is sure to go viral.

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