Shoreditch businesses embrace Bitcoin in UK’s first digital money festival

shoreditch-blockstock-bitcoin26 Sept 2014 – Hackney Gazette – The UK’s first bitcoin festival saw 20 Shoreditch businesses embrace digital currency as an alternative form of payment in the borough.

The 10 day festival, BlockStock, finished on Monday after taking place in various locations in the heart of Tech City, such as The Brew co-working spaces, to promote the use of Bitcoins.

Enthusiasts of the payment system set up the event to raise awareness and get local businesses involved with accepting the currency as payment.

Dalston Junction resident and co-founder of BlockStock, Justina Cruickshank, 36, said: “Bitcoin is essentially a technology that allows people to perform a number of applications without a third party, but it is the digital currency aspect that everyone is excited about. You can pay for things, peer to peer.

“We wanted bitcoin to be more understood. We set up the event to see it more accepted, and to help the average person on the street who has never heard of it.”….. Read more

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