Saskatchewan’s first bitcoin ATM opens in Saskatoon

SaskatchewanBTM04 May 2014 / CBCNews – One year ago, Adam O’Brien started reading and researching the digital currency bitcoin. Now, the 21-year-old is the founder of Bitcoin Solutions, an Edmonton-based company that recently brought Saskatchewan’s first bitcoin ATM to Saskatoon.

“I really saw an opportunity to make it understandable and accessible,” O’Brien said. “The accessibility of bitcoin was not where I wanted it to be or what I was searching for as a consumer.”

The ATM machine, located at 721 Broadway Ave. in the middle of Calories restaurant, exchanges Canadian dollars for bitcoins and bitcoins for cash. This feature makes it one of western Canada’s first two-way bitcoin ATMs, according to O’Brien.

The bitcoin ATM is located inside Calories restaurant, located at 712 Broadway Avenue. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

O’Brien said his company’s bitcoin exchange model is secure and highly user-friendly.

“If you know absolutely nothing about bitcoin, our machine is open to brand new users,” O’Brien explained. “We actually generate a wallet right here for you instantly, for you then to be able to take home and import.”….. Read more

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