PubNub, MtGox’s Price Streaming Partner, Now Offers Data To Other Bitcoin Exchanges

pubnub-bitcoin11 Dec 2013 / Tech Crunch – PubNub has built a business around offering APIs that let developers stream different services such as messaging and other interactive services in their apps and websites. Today it’s adding a new module that focuses specifically on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency du jour. If you go to PubNub’s new site for the service, called the Bitcoin Exchange Solution Kit, you will see that its own demonstration of the service is being powered with data from MtGox, one of the biggest of the Bitcoin exchanges. MtGox is one of PubNub’s customers, it turns out, and its use of PubNub to power the streaming on its own homepage, along with the rise in interest in Bitcoin, are the two main forces that prompted the new solution.

Its the first big product launch from PubNub since the company announced an $11 million raise in September.

Todd Greene, PubNub’s CEO and co-founder, declined to tell me in what currency MtGox pays its PubNub bills, or any other details about the service, for that matter, including how long it has been working with MtGox. Or what size its business is for PubNub. The company has around 500 large customers (which include companies like Rebtel, Viggle, GetTaxi, Humble Bundle, StageIT, Spreecast, Celly, Monotype, Class Dojo, Coca Cola and others) Greene says, and it currently delivers real-time data to some 150 million devices per month. “That’s a bigger umber than any single Bitcoin exchange,” he said. His company at the moment does not transact in Bitcoin……. Read more

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