Now, a course just to understand Bitcoins

MOOC03 Apr 2014 / Financial Express – Starting today, individuals worldwide interested in gaining a greater understanding of the fundamentals of digital currency Bitcoin can now enroll in “Introduction to Digital Currencies,” a free, open enrollment MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by the University of Nicosia. The course is taught by Bitcoin experts and University of Nicosia professors in the related areas of Computer Science and Finance.

Last November, the university became the first accredited university in the world to accept Bitcoins for tuition payments – it also announced the development of a Master of Science Degree in Digital Currency. The MOOC is the first course in the master’s degree program and students who successfully complete the MOOC will be able to apply credit for the course towards the full degree program.

Andreas Antonopoulos, University of Nicosia Teaching Fellow and a leading Bitcoin and digital currency expert and entrepreneur said: “It is an excellent opportunity for anyone to develop a good understanding of the technical and non-technical aspects of decentralized currencies in general and, more specifically, explore both bitcoin (the network) and Bitcoin (the currency).”

The MOOC will cover technical, legal, economic and regulatory matters relating to Bitcoin and digital currencies over a six week period and will be offered free of charge to students worldwide. The MOOC start date is May 15, 2014. Future sessions will be offered throughout the year, including in accelerated formats….. Read more

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