Museum accepts Bitcoin currency

museumhistorybitcoin04 Sept 2014 / TBN Weekly – ST. PETERSBURG – From the barter system to the American Colonies creating paper IOUs that would become the first governmental paper money – currency has evolved.

The evolution continues in St. Petersburg as the St. Petersburg Museum of History recently announced that it is the first museum in Florida to accept Bitcoin – an online currency – for museum products, services and donations.

Invented in 2009, Bitcoin is an online currency that is outside of traditional banks, and controlled only by the people choosing to accept them.

Museum customers can use Bitpay, an exchange service of Bitcoin, to purchase gifts and memberships from the museum’s website,, or in person utilizing a Bitcoin mobile wallet. This cancels the fear of using a credit card online, and allows for truly instant payment without transaction clearing times or fees.

Bitpay sponsors the Bitcoin Bowl played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg….. Read more

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