Lighthouse Is A Crowdfunding Platform Built On Top Of Bitcoin

lighthouse23 May 2014 / Tech Crunch – Meet Lighthouse, a bitcoin-powered app to create and manage your own crowdfunding campaign on your computer. Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn showcased the app at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam. And Lighthouse is a great example of how you can develop a complicated transaction framework on top of the bitcoin protocol.

Hearn’s tagline about his own app speaks for itself: “[it] provides you with your own Kickstarter, on your own desktop. It explores one possible vision of how we can build decentralized applications.”

If you are skeptical about bitcoin as a currency, there is a whole different aspect that makes it interesting as well — bitcoin is also an application platform. The bitcoin protocol makes it possible to transfer property rights (whether it is digital money, shares, or any kind of certificate) in an unforgeable, transparent and fast manner. And you don’t need a trusted third party. This completely redefines the role of thousand-year-old institutions and trades — banks, governments, lawyers and notaries.

I was particularly eager to discover new startups building apps and services on top of the bitcoin protocol at the conference. With Lighthouse, you get all the features you need in a crowdfunding platform — and the app only leverages the bitcoin protocol.

Lighthouse provides a wallet and a way to build crowdfunding campaigns without relying on a trusted third party. When it comes to crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the most popular trusted third parties. Lighthouse effectively replaces these platforms….. Read more

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