Koenig Solutions offers training course in Bitcoins

22 Jakoenign 2014 / India Times – NEW DELHI: IT training firm Koenig Solutions today announced the launch of its training course on Bitcoins, the digital currency.

Designed as a four day programme, the course will be offered from all Koenig centres in India.”The latest rage in the online world, Bitcoin is the new financial language of netizens who prefer paying online for goods and services,” Koenig Solutions CEO and Founder Rohit Aggarwal told PTI.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which is controlled and stored electronically on computers and mobile phones across the internet. It is also a means to circulate, share and transact, just like PayPal or VISA. It lets you hold money, spend and trade it too, he added.

The open source software controlling it operates on a set of mathematical equations and laws and also by those who collectively manage this service.”Participants will be taught about what Bitcoin is, the complete process of Bitcoin mining, how to generate¬†…. Read more

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