Introducing…Bitcoin Poker

sealswithclubs-bitcoinpoker26 Aug 2014 / Newsweek – On Sunday, at 6 p.m. ET, poker players around the world will log onto a gaming site with the curious name of SealsWithClubs to bet not with the dollar, euro or pound, but with bitcoin – increasingly the currency of choice among poker players from parts of the world laden with restrictions on online gambling, including the U.S.

Hosting a weekly gathering known simply as “Big BTC Sunday” (BTC refers to bitcoin much in the same way that USD refers to U.S. dollars), the site is the biggest for online poker using bitcoin, attracting hundreds of players to its poker rooms 24 hours a day and boasting, at last count, 72,841 player accounts worth millions of dollars.

Sunday’s game has a buy-in of 0.25 bitcoins, or about $128.37 as of midday Friday, and a guaranteed prize pool of 10 bitcoins, or $5,221.52. If more than 40 people play – and they usually do – the pot gets bigger, says Bryan Micon, the 35-year-old Las Vegas-based director of marketing for the site and college dropout-turned-professional poker player….. Read more

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