A Horrific Killing Led This Guy To Run 3,000 Miles Raising Bitcoin For The Homeless

jasonking03 Feb 2014 / Business Insider – Homeless advocate, runner, and Bitcoin lover Jason King has combined all three together for an epic adventure. He’s running across the country — some 3,100 miles — to raise money in Bitcoin for the homeless.

He’s the founder of Sean’s Outpost, a homeless outreach center in Pensacola, Fla., which is named for King’s best friend who was allegedly robbed and then killed in 2012.

Recently, Sean’s Outpost discovered it could do more to house and feed people when it received Bitcoin donations instead of other currencies.

Back in March, when one Bitcoin was worth about $50, Sean’s Outpost made this announcement that it would be accepting the currency: “Donate 1 BTC and we will feed 40 people.”

Over the course of the following months, donations poured in including a donation of 75 Bitcoins from Butterfly Labs/Bitcoin Development Fund.

Sean’s Outpost went from being able to provide 50 meals a week to thousands per week. Then it built homes for them, hiring the homeless to do the work and teaching them a job skill along the way.

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