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blockchain14 Dec 2013 / iamsotashi.com – During 2013, Nicolas Cary, CEO, Blockchain.info, travelled the world to meet different Bitcoiners. The number one quality that he emphasized was the enthusiasm amongst all of them. I met with Nicolas, after his presentation at London Bitcoin Expo 2013. I wanted to learn more about the service which I find most useful and friendly. In 2011 the Blockchain.info project started in-order to study currency statistics in the Bitcoin economy, mostly focused on the mining cost and tracking double spends. Then came the wallet. Now days, Blockchain.info is a gateway to study transactions and market related charts, giving users a pulse around the Bitcoin network. The website serves 3-4 million visits a day. On the wallet side, the growth is 70,000-700,000 in 2013. The mission is to put a Blockchain.info wallet on every smart phone around the world. The number one threat Nicolas sees to Bitcoin is misunderstanding by lawmakers on how useful it is. Below is an excerpt from our interview, I hope you enjoy. Follow Nicolas @blockchain.

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