eGifter Now Accepts Bitcoin

egyfter20 June 2014 / Coinbase Blog – Today we’re excited to highlight results from our partnership with eGifter, a social gifting company that enables users to buy e-gift cards for their friends, family, or even for themselves. With more than two hundred top brands available including, Amazon, Gap and Home Depot, eGifter is helping bridge the gap between consumers looking to spend bitcoin and mainstream retailers not presently accepting it.

Since integrating bitcoin payments with Coinbase, eGifter has found their bitcoin customers to be some of their best. Key results include:

  • Bitcoin customers purchased four times as many eGift cards in the six months after joining compared to other customers
  • Their average order value is three times greater than non-bitcoin customers
  • Bitcoin purchasers are almost twice as likely to purchase on a mobile device

As part of eGifter’s rewards program, all customers earn one point per dollar. Once a customer reaches 100 points, they receive one dollar in savings. To further encourage the use of bitcoin, bitcoin customers receive three points per dollar. For a limited time, eGifter is offering an additional 3% discount to all orders paid in bitcoin, effectively equating to 6% off gift cards from major merchants. eGifter’s updated iOS app now also accepts bitcoin payments via Coinbase….. Read more

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