Documentary Bitcoin: Buenos Aires

buenesairesbitcoin24 Sept 2014 / – Filmed over three days at the beginning of July in Argentina, “Bitcoin: Buenos Aires” provides a never before seen glimpse into the heart of the preeminent Bitcoin development center in the world. Set to the backdrop of Argentina’s looming sovereign default, award-winning filmmaker Valerian Bennett meets with some of the leading voices in the local community (Bitcoin Embassy, BitPay, BitPagos, and uncovers what makes Buenos Aires undeniably unique in the Bitcoin universe.

The debut of “Bitcoin: Buenos Aires” marks the first release from TheProtocol.TV and begins the open public beta sign-up period for users of the premium video network. During the beta phase, TheProtocol.TV will launch a series of video programs, each elevating a specific decentralization niche to a much broader audience. See the documentary here

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