Dawn of Regina’s new Bitcoin era

btmcanada21 July 2014 / Leader Post – The next time you’re at Trifon’s Pizza on Kramer Boulevard, you may have the option of paying for your pizza and beers with Bitcoin.

And conveniently enough, there’s now a Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM) there for easy access to the cryptocurrency.

QuickBit Vending Systems launched Regina’s first BTM machine at the restaurant last week.

The device always knows the current value of Bitcoin thanks to a connection to an online exchange. It can convert cash to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin into cash.

“I like to think of it as a portal between the digital cash world and our paper cash world,” said Doug Richardson, the operations manager for QuickBit, which is based in Regina.

Richardson is a chartered accountant and works in the point-of-sale and transaction equipment industry.

He said buying his first Bitcoin machine was a logical next step.

“We also saw that there were entrepreneurs in other cities that were doing it, and it was a question of who in Regina would be first. And so we decided we would be first,” he said.

The BTM was manufactured in Ottawa by a company called Bit Access. Richardson wouldn’t say how much the machine is worth, but it’s in the tens of thousands of dollars…… Read more


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