Corporates join bitcoin-brigade to lobby for digital currency

retailersbitcoin12 Jan 2014 / Economic Times – NEW DELHI: As more bitcoin operators shut shop in India on fears of regulatory and enforcement actions, some large corporates are believed to have begun lobbying hard with regulators and government departments in favour of ‘digital currency’.

While none of these groups are as yet into bitcoin business, some of them may be interested in setting up their own ‘virtual currency’ platforms, a senior official said.

The point being advocated by such companies before the regulators and

policymakers is that the world of banking and financial transactions may eventually move beyond the current brick-and-mortal model to the digital world, the official said, but refused to divulge any names.

Their representatives are believed to be putting across their views through meetings with top officials at the concerned regulatory authorities and government departments, while also suggesting a proper legal and regulatory framework for operations relating to digital currencies….. Read more

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