Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges BTCChina & Okcoin Accept BTCC Voucher

paipai26 Dec 2013 / – The 2 biggest Bitcoin exchanges in China, BTCChina and Okcoin have started to accept the BTCC voucher, as a way to add balance to your account. The voucher can be bought on a few websites, using your bank account. The balance on your voucher will be added to your BTCChina or Okcoin account within 24 hours of redeeming the code.

This method of adding balance to users exchange accounts is a workaround on the ban of Bitcoin related transactions by most major banks. Because users are now purchasing vouchers, they are allowed to use their bank accounts. Because people in China are now able to add funds to their exchange accounts again, the trading volume in BTC & LTC has exploded. The price of Litecoin also saw a quick run up, whilst the price of Bitcoin stays relatively stable. We expect to see a further rise in the price of both currencies throughout te week, as China is slowly getting back into Bitcoin & Litecoin.

More information about this voucher work around can be found here.

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