Blockchain Acquires Trading Platform to Expand ZeroBlock

Zeroblocktrading04 Mar 2014 / Wall Street Journal – is building what it expects will become a comprehensive trading platform for bitcoin.

Blockchain acquired the site, a trading platform developed by Clark Moody that allows users to trade across various digital-currency exchanges. The purchase price wasn’t disclosed. The company plans to combine the features of RTBTC with its ZeroBlock app, which it acquired in December.

ZeroBlock is a popular app that provides bitcoin prices across several exchanges, as well as a news feed. Until recently it also had some charting functions, but the data came from Mt. Gox.

The plan is to integrate the two products into one platform that provides trading, charting, pricing, and news, on both mobile and desktops. Mr. Cary described the new product to us as their attempt to build “the Bloomberg of bitcoin,” a reference to the popular Bloomberg trading system.

The new platform, which will carry the ZeroBlock name, will be a “professional-level trading platform,” said Dan Held, who developed the app and sold it to Blockchain. He serves as Blockchain’s director of products. It will be available on the desktop and on the app, and will have two levels of service; a limited but free version, and a pay-service. ZeroBlock will operate independently of Blockchain’s products.

“By merging a world class trading platform with the most popular mobile Bitcoin app Blockchain will lead the way for institutional investors,” Mr. Cary said in a release about the news…. Read more

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