BitTorrent Client Devs Work on Bitcoin Integration

bittorrent13 Dec 2013 / TorrentFreak – The people behind FrostWire are working hard to implement Bitcoin support in their BitTorrent client. In addition to letting users donate to content creators and tracker owners from within the client, they are also integrating a Bitcoin wallet into the BitTorrent client. The FrostWire team hopes other clients will pick up the idea and have pitched a new standard to extend the BitTorrent protocol with Bitcoin meta-data.

The P2P cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been a hot topic in the tech world this year, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the BitTorrent community.

Dozens of prominent sites and trackers, including The Pirate Bay, have added support for Bitcoin donations in recent months. Perhaps more excitingly, several BitTorrent developers are exploring options to integrate the currency more closely into BitTorrent software.

The people behind FrostWire are working hard to add Bitcoin address support to torrent meta-data, so users can send donations to content creators and tracker owners, directly from the client.

“The idea is to let users enter an optional Bitcoin address and suggested donation amount along with the torrent they’re about to create on FrostWire,” FrostWire‘s Angel Leon tells TorrentFreak…… Read more

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