BitPay execs in St. Pete this week to begin bitcoin push

collegefootball09 July 2014 / Tampa Bay Business Journal – BitPay executives are in Tampa Bay this week to begin the process of getting St. Petersburg bitcoin ready.

The payment processor is sponsoring the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl for the next three years in an attempt to raise the profile of the crypto-currency and make it more mainstream.

“Leading up to the game, we want as many merchants as we can get [in St. Petersburg] to accept bitcoin,” said Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO.

BitPay announced the deal with bowl executives and ESPN a couple of weeks ago and the team already has been down once from its Atlanta headquarters to engage the bitcoin technology community.

This week’s visit will be the start of a long process of engaging the hospitality community.

Stephanie Wargo, BitPay vice president of marketing, is meeting with the bowl’s board on Thursday. She plans to get them up to speed so that when people ask in the community, they can explain BitPay’s goals and lay out what bitcoin is and how it works….. Read more


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