Bitcoins may soon become a national currency, replacing others

vetcoABQ06 May 2014 / RT – Bitcoin is the world’s most popular virtual currency, and brings with it a new breed of digital multi-millionaires. A few dollars several years ago could have made you millions in present-day – but when bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox virtually disappeared, many fortunes were lost. Can you put your trust in the virtual market? Why are governments so eager to shut the bitcoin marketplace down? And what happens if someone hacks your digital money? Today on SophieCo, we ask these questions and more to Roger Ver, a bitcoin entrepreneur known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus.’

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Sophie Shevardnadze: And here we are with Roger Ver, bitcoin entrepreneur. Roger, it is really great to have you with us. He is joining us from Japan. Now, governments call bitcoin a financial pyramid, but you call it the most important invention since the internet. Why?

Roger Ver: Bitcoin really is one of the most important inventions ever made in the entire history of the world. It’s the first time in the entire history of the world that anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone anywhere else on the planet. And you don’t need permission from a bank or corporation, nor even governments for this matter. And you can send or receive any amount of money just like that for…practically, for free. And nothing like this has ever existed before in the entire history of the world. So it is really exciting to see this just blossoming and spreading to more and more people around the world…… Read more


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