Bitcoin’s Future Foretold By Developer Momentum

githubdevelopersbitcoin06 Jan 2014 / Tech Crunch – If you think developers predict the future then there is more reason to believe that Bitcoin is the real deal. The crypto currency is a hit with developers, according to data collected on GitHub by the founders of Bitcoin Pulse, a service recently launched that tracks Bitcoin adoption.

Bitcoin Pulse tracks the data related to Bitcoin on core services such as Coinbase, Coinmap and Github as well as investment services, consumer services and discussion groups.  It also shows the latest exchange rates on Mt. Gox, BTC China and services such as Bitstamp.

But it is the tracking the group does about developers that shows why the online currency holds such promise.  That is illustrated by the increase in GitHub repositories that mention Bitcoin, according to a blog post by Bit Pulse Co-Founder Flavio Rump that explains how they are tracking Bitcoin through GitHub.


Rump did a search query for Bitcoin, Paypal and Stripe. The data shows that Bitcoin grew by 17.8 percent over the 30 days from November 15 to December 15.  In the same period, Paypal grew by 4.4 percent and Stripe by 6.3 percent.

There is not much of a market comparison between Bitcoin, Paypal and Stripe, Rump admits. But he is more interested on showing the developer mindshare for the currency.

Developers are the first to adopt new technologies. And GitHub has become the place where to track emerging and trending technologies,  Rump says. Most developers working with modern tools have a GitHub account. They tend to share their projects and contribute to open-source efforts….. Read more

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