Bitcoins for Barrow: Non-profit accepts digital currency

Barrowneuro22 June 2014 / AZ Central – For years, charities and other non-profits have been more than willing to accept common stock, real estate and other assets besides cash.

Now some have started to accept bitcoins.

The Barrow Neurological Foundation in May received a five-figure donation of bitcoins, putting it among the first high-profile non-profits to receive the digital currency. The anonymous gift of more than $10,000 from an Arizona resident will help fund the memory-related research of Dr. Peter Steinmetz, program director of neuroengineering.

“This is a novel way for research to be funded,” said Steinmetz, a bitcoin enthusiast himself. “It’s almost appropriate actually, that a cutting-edge method of funding is used to fund cutting-edge research.”….. Read more

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