Bitcoin Warlord launches QR-code app for scavenger hunters

scavenger09 May 2014 / Biz Journals – Games and social media marketing are nothing new.

But Max Baptiste and Kevin Fullerton are mixing up the business model by offering prizes in Bitcoin, art and food to those who want to play a scavenger hunt game with local businesses through their tech-based marketing firm, Bitcoin Warlord.

Players begin by downloading the Bitcoin Warlord app, which is a QR code-reader, to their phones. Then they hunt for and scan QR codes that are hidden in local spots. Players can win prizes or Bitcoin.

The codes are hidden at several Downtown spots, such as The Brew, Zendo, Ace Barber Shop, Adieux Café and others.

The first big test will be at Thursday night’s Yelptropolis event at Sister Bar Downtown, where the two will show some of the prizes players can win for scanning codes.

Baptiste and Fullerton are not strangers to starting companies….. Read more

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