Bitcoin: Super currency or super fad?

supremecurrency12 Dec 2013 / Detroit Free Press – LAS VEGAS – Entrepreneurs flush with newly valuable Bitcoins are creating new products designed to simplify the technology and spread Bitcoin mania into the modern American mall.

More than 600 Bitcoin aficionados gathered Tuesday in a conference center here to plot the future of a computer-generated currency that has steadily risen in value for the last two years.

While the number of Bitcoiners has grown, and some have become instant millionaires, the currency has yet to gain traction among American consumers and businesses.

“If you want to make it popular, you have to make it easy, consumer friendly,” says Rob Banagale, who designed Gliph, a mobile phone application that allows people to send or receive Bitcoin via text message, bypassing the sometimes cumbersome transactions through Bitcoin exchanges. “Technology always starts off a little rough. We’re trying to sand off the edges.”

Even as more people acquire Bitcoins, one of the greatest challenges is finding a place to spend them. About $7 billion worth of Bitcoins are now in circulation…… Read more

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