Bitcoin Mining Reaches New Level With $2,000-a-Day Neptune Rig

Neptuneminer11 Dec 2013 / International Business Times – Billed as the ideal Christmas present for the bitcoin user in your life, the Neptune mining rig claims to produce 2.1 coins per day – meaning you’ll have $2,000 worth by Boxing Day.

Sweden-based KnCMiner is offering the Neptune mining rig for $12,995 (£8,000), and while that may sound like a lot for a computer with barely any components, bitcoin miners understand the machine’s potential.

The Neptune was initially available exclusively to KnCMiner’s previous customers, who ordered $8 million worth of the new rig in 24 hours. Now available to the general public, the company expects the rig’s limited production run of 2,400 units to sell out before Christmas.

Spokesman Ian Chaffee told IBTimes UK: “By KnCMiner’s own estimate, the Neptune can mine up to 2.1 bitcoins per day. This is about a 3.5x improvement on the [old mining rig] Jupiter, which could mine up to 0.6 bitcoins.”

As bitcoin’s value soared from less than $50 to more than $1,000 per coin through 2013, demand to purchase faster and more powerful mining equipment soon became a booming industry in itself……. Read more

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