‘Bitcoin Isle’ might be next on Jersey’s docket

jersey_flag23 June 2014 / CNet – Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has caused its fair share of headaches and riches for people across the globe, might soon have a friendly place to call home.

The Bailiwick of Jersey, an island just off the coast of Normandy, France, wants to become a leader in promoting a Bitcoin economy, Treasury Minister Senator Philip Ozouf told BBC in an report published on Monday.

Jersey, a British Crown dependency with its own self-regulating parliamentary democracy, has established its own organization, called bit.coin.je, designed to promote the idea of welcoming the digital currency to its shores…….

……..Jersey sees itself in a different light, according to the BBC. The area wants to become “Bitcoin Isle,” and it’s inching closer to allowing Bitcoin transactions at national banks. Lawmakers in Jersey see a not-so-distant future in which employees will get paid in Bitcoins, Robbie Andrews with bit.coin.je told the BBC, and transactions across the country will include Bitcoin.

Jersey believes that investing in Bitcoin could help it become an economic powerhouse. Since so many countries around the world are dragging their feet on the currency, Jersey wants to welcome Bitcoin with open arms and attract both businesses and consumers…… Read more


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