Bitcoin in Hampton Roads: Currency is finding footing

hampton-roads11 May 2014 / – Trevor Scribner, clad in T-shirt and shorts, looked like any other customer when he went to Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue last week and shook hands with Thad Doumar at the counter.

He had come to persuade the general manager of one of Hampton Roads’ oldest restaurants – whose founder is said to have invented the ice cream cone – to embrace a newer invention: bitcoin. A decentralized, Internet-based monetary system, bitcoin uses a digital currency and has begun to build a network of users across the globe, especially overseas.

Doumar wore an orange cap, a crisp white shirt and a tie with letters vertically spelling the Norfolk diner’s name and ending in a large ice cream cone. He told Scribner he knew a little about bitcoin from news reports.

Recently that news hasn’t been good. Coverage has focused on bitcoin fraud, bitcoin-funded criminal activity, the drop in the currency’s value and the crash of Mt. Gox, the Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange that lost its customers’ holdings earlier this year.

None of that has dampened Scribner’s faith. “I’m of the mindset that I think it’s going to change everything,” he told Doumar…… Read more

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