Bitcoin hangout with Max Keiser: The Napster of currency

maxkeiser07 Dec 2013 / RT – Like the internet, bitcoin is a force of nature which governments control at their own peril. This time around on the Keiser Hangout, our panel answers your questions about the premier crypto-currency, silver’s silver lining and the future of China.

From P2P music-sharing to bit torrents flooding web traffic, the web has brought about decentralization while governments engage in a losing battle to monopolize financial power.

Joined by Jan Skoyles, market analyst for bullion broker The Real Asset Co. and Simon Rose of Save Our Savers, Keiser breaks down why bitcoin is like the new Napster (Hint: What does the music copyright industry and the US Fed have in common?)

Bitcoin “reminds me of when Napster started to go to war with the copyright cartel…and now we’ve got a currency going about the same path, using the same technology and this time they’re going after the Federal Reserve Banking system,” Keiser says.

“This is very interesting to me on a social level.”

Despite the social aspects of the crypto-currency, the government wants to shut it down but can’t. Max’s co-presenter Stacy Herbert says that if you are looking for an analogy for axing bitcoin, you don’t need to look any further than bit torrents.….. Read more

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