Bitcoin greeted in Las Vegas

las-vegas-sign-at-dusk11 Dec 2013 / Examiner – Where else but in Las Vegas is it fitting for Bitcoin to be debated? Hundreds, mostly, male, took notes feverishly on mining and investment process of Bitcoin, the controversial digital currency. They are attending this week the conference; Inside Bitcoins: The Future of Virtual Currency, reported the USA Today.

This ‘is the Woodstock of Bitcoin,’ says Robert Brewster, CEO of Whidbey Wasabi, a farmer of wasabi outside of Seattle. ‘I was skeptical until a skateboarding friend of mine put his last $10,000 on Bitcoin and made $90,000. It changed his life.’

The crowd showed their love for Bitcoin while jeering the banks and credit card issuers.

Are bitcoins a super currency or super fad?

‘(This year), Bitcoin will be the single-biggest sector for venture capital investments,’ Brock Pierce, managing director of Clearstone Global Gaming, said to whoops and hollers. Pierce, former child actor (Mighty Ducks) has made a small fortune investing in Mastercoin Foundation, which lets people create their own cryptocurrency using the Bitcoin computing protocol…… Read more

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