Bitcoin aficionados wash their hands of Mt Gox

washhandsmtgox21 Feb 2014 / Financial Times – When Marco Crispini joined the Bitcoin meet-up in Tokyo two years ago, there were just a handful of members, assembling every month in a Shibuya fruit shop. As interest grew the proprietor complained, forcing the group – now holding weekly gatherings – into a nearby high-rise.

On Thursday night – with talk likely to be dominated by events unfolding less than 200m away at Mt Gox, the world’s dominant Bitcoin exchange – turnout at the 11th-floor bar at the Hikarie tower is expected to be the best ever, at more than 30.

“There is no getting the genie back in the bottle,” says Mr Crispini, a Brit who abandoned studies in aikido to set up MatrixVision, which sells anti money-laundering tools to Bitcoin-using businesses. “I used to say that Bitcoin was going to change the world. But now it actually is changing the world.”….. Read more

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