Apple Takes a Bite Out of Bitcoin

blockchainapple24 Feb 2014 / e-commerce Times – Apple earlier this month dropped the Bitcoin app Blockchain from its mobile marketplace without giving any explanation. Bitcoin holders obviously were upset with this development. In fact, I recently saw a Web video in which a Bitcoin holder actually shot at and destroyed his iPhone because he was so angry and wanted to make a dramatic statement.

Blockchain was available for both the iPhone and the iPad. By removing Blockchain, Apple eliminated two major channels for Bitcoin users. This has prompted some users of Apple products to threaten to switch from Apple to Google’s Android.

“It is as if IBM would have banned email clients in the early 90s,” said Michael Kondratov, president of Aspire Auctions, who was upset because he had been allowing his customers to purchase Aspire’s products using Bitcoins. No doubt there are countless other vendors that have been negatively impacted by this decision.

An example that comes to mind is, which announced early this year that it would permit customers to use Bitcoins to purchase its many products. One can just imagine how Apple’s decision has impacted this major online retailer….. Read more

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