A Major Coinbase Milestone: 1 Million Consumer Wallets

coinbase27 Feb 2014 / Coinbase Blog – Today, we’ve reached a huge milestone: we’ve hit one million (and counting) Coinbase consumer wallets! It’s hard to believe that we started 2013 with just under 13,000. That is an astounding growth rate of 7,592.31%.

Since our founding in June 2012, we’ve been on the ground floor of an industry that has the potential to reinvent the way people transact online, and one that is just now beginning to show its full potential. We’ve seen an unprecedented number of merchants – more than 25,000 so far – using the Coinbase platform to attract new customers and conduct real business. And with more than 4,000 Bitcoin applications created using our API, we’re seeing exciting new businesses being built, weaving themselves into a community that is becoming stronger and more powerful by the day.

With this milestone, we’ve also taken the opportunity to reflect on the events that have surrounded the Bitcoin community over the past few weeks, and clearly see that there is still work to be done.  We are fully committed to helping continue to bring the stability and confidence required to help ensure Bitcoin is as useful as possible for consumers, merchants and developers alike.

All of us here at Coinbase are so grateful to each of you, our customers, for the trust you put in us as a secure place to use bitcoin, and for helping us further the Bitcoin community. For that, we send you one million thank yous!


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