A Bitcoin ATM for Boston?

atmbitcoin26 Nov 2013 / ATM Marketplace – Following the world’s first permanent Bitcoin ATM deployment last month in Vancouver, Canada, word is out that Boston might soon follow as the site of the first digital currency kiosk in the United States.

On Monday, a well-known player in Beantown’s Bitcoin community, Alex Peterson, let it be known that his company is investigating the possibility of becoming a fully licensed money transmitter, setting the stage for the installation of a Robocoin Bitcoin ATM.

An article by Mass Live said that Peterson is hoping to have a Bitcoin ATM up and running early in 2014. The machine would allow users to deposit fiat currency to purchase bitcoins, or tap their Bitcoin accounts for cash. According to the report:

Peterson is asking for suggestions for ATM locations in the Cambridge and Harvard Square area via Reddit. He lists several reasons business owners should want to host the digital currency ATM: The Bitcoin community is “strong, self-reinforcing, evangelizing and ever-growing,” Bitcoin is popular enough to make a splash, and its technology is “cutting edge” and “trendy.” ……. Read more


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