Zuman, BitPay to Offer Bitcoin Paychecks

zuman23 July 2014 / Payment Source – Zuman, a cloud-based human resource outsourcer, has partnered with BitPay to allow its business clients to pay their employees in bitcoin.

Human resources “is frankly kind of broken, especially for the changing demographics of the workforce of tomorrow,” said Doug Devlin, founder and CEO of Zuman.

With the BitPay partnership, Zuman clients will have the ability to pay their employees in the popular digital currency after taxes are taken out. Employees choose how much of their paycheck to receive in bitcoin.

The Bitcoin service, which will be released to Zuman’s clients after Labor Day, is part of the company’s core product, so clients won’t pay extra for the capability, said Devlin. Zuman charges its clients a monthly subscription fee based on the number of services the business uses and the size of its workforce.

The company is also updating its online and mobile user interfaces. “Managers and employees are looking for self-service…and it’s all about choice on pay day,” said Devlin….. Read more


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