WPCS Launches Beta-Version of Bitcoin Trading Platform

wpcsbitcoinplatform27 Dec 2013 / Fox Business – In another sign of how cyber currency Bitcoin has moved into the mainstream, WPCS International (WPCS) this week unveiled the public release of a Bitcoin trading platform.

The late Thursday announcement drove thinly-traded shares of WPCS 80% higher on Friday morning. (It’s worth noting that WPCS has a tiny market capitalization of just over $4 million, so its stock is subject to volatility).

WPCS said BTX Trader is the first trading platform that lets traders and industry researchers access market data and execute orders on the five most popular Bitcoin exchanges in a single application.

BTX Trader is based on Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows and is for now only being released in beta format.

The move comes after WPCS acquired BTX Trader, an early-stage technology company, on December 17 in an all-stock deal. Previously, WPCS had only specialized in engineering services for communications infrastructure.

“Now that we have completed this pioneering acquisition in the emerging Bitcoin industry, we intend to hit the ground running,” WPCS interim CEO Sebastian Giordano said in a statement….. Read more


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