Why Shouldn’t You Accept Bitcoin?

bitcoin-hands10 Dec 2013 / Foxycart.com blog – “Why am I not accepting bitcoin?” This is the question you should be asking yourself. Some believe Bitcoin, the decentralized crypto-currency, is a revolutionary technology that could change the world. Others think it’s a Ponzi scheme where the early adopters profit at the expense of the new comers. (Side note: those who make this claim may not understand the definition of a Ponzi scheme).

Bitcoin ecommerce spending is up. Way up.

When I first looked into Bitcoin (the technology) in February of this year, you could get a full bitcoin (the currency) for around $17. As of this writing, that same amount is worth around $880 (today’s price can be found here). Worth noting, there are 100,000,000 divisions in each bitcoin, so any fractional amount can be purchased or used. There are a lot of bitcoin holders who are looking to spend their new found wealth. Bitpay supports 14,000 merchants who accept bitcoin payments and this past Black Friday they saw a 6,296% increase over last year……. Read more


By Luke Stokes | www.foxycart.com

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