Who Accepts Bitcoin? You’d be Surprised…

Bitcoin_accepted15 Dec 2013 / Money Morning – Since last week when a $103,000 Tesla Model S was purchased at a Lamborghini dealership in Newport Beach, Calif., you may be wondering just who accepts Bitcoin for payment.

The fact is this virtual currency is becoming so accepted that seemingly everything can be bought with Bitcoin. And it’s not just lavish items like the Tesla Model S (which equaled 91.4 Bitcoin at the time of sale).

Sites like Bitpay.com have made it easy for merchants and retailers to convert Bitcoin to more than 30 currencies. If a customer wants to pay in Bitcoin, the retailer can then convert the virtual currency to dollars at that day’s exchange rate. For retailers, that eliminates fluctuation risk.

That has made the process of accepting Bitcoin much simpler, and more rewarding, for all kinds of retailers – and made Bitcoin even more mainstream.

For consumers, buying with Bitcoin has become more commonplace as smartphone apps have made virtual wallets easier to handle. One app, “Bitcoin Wallet,” is currently adding approximately 5,000 new users a day – up from 500 a day in early 2013…… Read more


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