Using Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch With Bitcoin

samsunggalaxygearbitcoin11 Jan 2014 / YouTube Channel BIPS – How about a bitcoin wallet on your wrist? BIPS, YouTube channel demonstrates how that is possible. You can watch the video demonstration of the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet in action on the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Here’s the instructions via BIPS YouTube video.


1) Enable Bluetooth 4.0 Internet connection sharing via iPad 4G LTE

2) Improved home screen, with Samsung Clock Widget, Simple Bitcoin Widget and Day Widget. Icons in dock (Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet, Settings & Google Authenticator)

3) Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet scans QR code of BIPS Mobile Checkout

4) Install

5) Receiving Chirp to Samsung Galaxy Gear from BIPS Mobile Checkout

6) Generating Point of Sale invoice on the Bitcoin Smart Watch via Mobile Checkout

2014 ≈ Bitcoin Wearables

In the ever evolving world of bitcoin, the ability to pay for dinner or a bar tap by simply accessing a device on your wrist is a pretty cool concept. Look for more wallet apps for the Samsung Galaxy Gear in the future, as bitcoin entrepreneurs tend to adapt quickly.

I’m not the creator of this video. All credit goes to:

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