This virtual globe shows every Bitcoin transaction and freshly minted block in real-time

virtualglobe04 Feb 2014 / The Next Web – Bitcoin is growing in notoriety around the world, as more people become aware of the cryptocurrency and the vast community that’s mining and trading the virtual coins on a daily basis.

Until now, it’s been quite hard to comprehend how fast it’s been adopted by the international community. Mike van Rossum, a student in Amsterdam who also works at Mobypicture, has created a site that shows every Bitcoin transaction and newly minted “block” in real-time.

It was built using the WebGL Globe, which van Rossum then altered so that it would rotate and zoom-in automatically as new blocks are created in different countries. The Bitcoin data was is sourced from, although its creator admitted it wouldn’t be too difficult to gather this information directly from the Bitcoin network.

The process of mining and transferring Bitcoins is represented across the virtual globe using the participant’s IP address, which van Rossum was able to convert into basic geo coordinates using an open source project stored on GitHub….. Read more!uoU9D

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