The U.S.’s 5 Most Bitcoin-Friendly Cities

5citiesbitcoin28 Dec 2013 / Motely Fool – It’s OK, you can admit it. You think Bitcoin is kind of cool.

You haven’t told your spouse that. You wouldn’t dare tell your coworkers. But it’s OK, you can admit it to me — it’ll be our secret. You dig the counterculture vibe of Bitcoin, and you see what a blast people are having spending Bitcoin. That’s what the media is missing. Check the blogs and read about all the people who just bought their first cup of coffee with Bitcoin. Utter bliss. Bitcoin is a currency people genuinely enjoy using.

There’s a problem, though…

People may love to spend Bitcoin, but not everyone loves accepting Bitcoin. This is precisely the reason, with the help of nearly a dozen merchant pioneers across the United States, and, I have compiled a list of the five most Bitcoin-friendly cities.

The judging rested solely on this Fool’s shoulders, so for Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the country, check out the slides below, and let the debate begin…… Read more

See slide show here:

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