The Rise Of Bitcoin: Is It A Solution Or Menace?

riseofbitcoin24 Nov 2013 / Business Insider – Celine Sotelo “likes to be on the cutting edge,” so she was intrigued when a friend this summer touted the virtues of a new kind of money called¬†Bitcoin. She downloaded the software that would allow her family-owned floral shop/cafe to accept BTC, as Bitcoin is known. In August she posted a sign, “Bitcoin accepted here,” at her shop on Los Angeles’s Westside.

She got her first taker in mid-November. She hopes it’s the dawn of more demand. But Ms. Sotelo says she is also a little worried because, frankly, she doesn’t fully understand Bitcoin yet. “I used the phone app and pushed the right buttons, but I’m a little freaked out,” Sotelo says after the customer paid $59.95 to Le Petit Jardin by sending her digital bitcoins via his cellphone. “I have no idea if I got the money or not.” ….. Read more

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