Tech People Are Passing Around This Paul Krugman Quote On The Internet

krugmanquote30 Dec 2013 / Business Insider – Paul Krugman upset the Bitcoin community over the weekend when he wrote a blog post titled “Bitcoin is Evil.”

In the post he said he was “deeply unconvinced” that Bitcoin can actually work as a form of currency. He doesn’t think it works as a “store of value” because there isn’t anything underpinning it.

After writing the post, Bitcoin supporters started flogging his inbox with “rage-filled missives,” says Krugman in a follow up post.

He also said that the Bitcoin people have no sense of humor, and he suggested his “Bitcoin is Evil” headline¬†was a “joke.” In his defense, he really didn’t write a post about why it was “evil,” he just said he was skeptical that Bitcoin could work.

In addition to jamming his inbox with angry emails people in the tech world have started passing around his dreadful prediction from 1998 about the impact of the Internet.

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