SwC Poker FlexFit Hat Order

The Official SwC Poker FlexFit Hat

The hats are the same style/material as the bitcoin hats in the store. Read about them here.

Price of the hat is $23.

Free shipping United States only. I will ship international and I’ll add the cost to the total.

Hat Sizing chart

Please follow the payment options below. If you want to pay for your order by transferring SwC chips skip to payment option 3 below. Please allow up to 1 week or more, as these hats are made to order.


Option 1: If you’re paying with bitcoin select below.

SwC Poker FlexFit Hat

Option 2: If you’re paying with PayPal select below.  $1 is added for PayPal fees

Hat Size


Option 3: Only fill out the contact form below to order an official SwC Poker Flex Fit Hat by transferring SwC chips as a payment.

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